Speaking of lakeside

Speaking of lakeside, have you really thought what it means to get married down by the lakeside? Let us take you there on a bright Saturday (or Sunday) afternoon…Let’s begin in the morning. You wake up on one of the most important mornings of your life full of excitement and a little bit of nervousness. You have an appointment with your makeup artist at Spring Lake, so you grab your necessities, call your girls (think: bridesmaids and mom/sister) and head on over to the venue. Someone will probably be around as you arrive and you tell them all about your excited jitters and unload your car while you wait on your makeup artist. Your girls start arriving and your makeup artist arrives soon. You all have lots of laughs as you’re getting more beautiful by the second.

And the guys (including your groom-to-be) start filing in, wearing their wrinkled t-shirts with tuxes in hand. The guys are quickly dressed and handsome, and the girls are just about finished getting ready. Before you know it, the girls are carefully sliding the dress over your head and mom is putting your necklace on you. And then there’s your dad. He’s probably getting all nervous and teary-eyed just thinking about walking you down the aisle. You hear that all the guests are there and getting seated; the ceremony will begin in just a few minutes. You sneak out of the getting ready suite to give dad a big hug in the reception barn before facing that crowd of guests, let alone the man you’re going to marry in a few minutes.

Georgia Vintage Weddings

Photography by Graceology

You and your dad walk out to the top of the stairs at the reception barn, you can see everything. The guests in their colorful dresses and suits, the Weeping Willows softly blowing in the breeze, and you can even see a hint of your handsome groom down by the lakeside. And there’s the canoe out there, floating peacefully in the middle of the lake. And on to the left, wow, look at all the cars parked in the field. Which brings you back to the moment, and it’s time to head on down to show off your gorgeous self to your favorite friends and family.

As you walk down the aisle, you can see your handsome groom standing under a gorgeous cedar arch, right in front of a lake, just like a dream. And as the breeze blows, the canoe drifts along behind him. There are ripples out on the lake as you take your place in front of the officiant. Your parents give you away and you turn to face the man of your dreams…

You’ll have to check back next week to read all about our favorite part of weddings at Spring Lake.

The Lakeside Package – perfect for the lakeside

So you’ve picked Spring Lake as your dream venue (we aren’t sure why you wouldn’t), and now you’re trying to decide on which package to select. Last week we gave you a quick overview of what our packages include and we briefly described some of the catering options.

Well, hang tight and grab a snack because we’re about to tell you all about one of our favorite packages. It’s called the Lakeside Package and it. is. delicious. Ummmm. It’s full of yummy, down-home, southern food. And we’re just going to say it right now: Cracker Barrel has nothing on our Lakeside Package. Yep. There. We said it.

It starts off with a delicious slow smoked pulled pork BBQ sandwich. And to sweeten the deal, it’s not on any ol’ kind of bun, nope. It’s on a yeast roll. Yumm. It’s casual, but so delicious you could feed it to any crowd. And they don’t scrimp on the sides, either. You get five southern sides to choose from. We know you’ll have a hard time just picking two (especially if you’ve tried them before!). Think buttery corn on the cob, country style baked beans, creamy potato salad, macaroni and cheese, or apple crisp coleslaw. Whoah. See? We told you that you’d have a hard time just picking two.

Even the pickles are cute!

Were you wanting a little sweet something on the side (besides that amazing wedding cake) for your guests? Well, the Lakeside has you covered there, too. It comes with warm baked cinnamon and sugar apples served with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream. (Um. Where’s my bowl and spoon?) You even get all the southern drinks, lemonade, sweet tea, unsweetened tea (this option must be for the out-of-town-ers?) and water. This is one sweet deal.

And to top off the food options, you get 4 crazy-sweet servers to set up, serve and breakdown your meal for you. And it comes with dinnerware. Ya. I know. Plus, if you want even more food for your guests, you can add on some more treats for your guests like chicken strips, brunswick stew, potato chips or a garden salad.

Whwew. If your guests aren’t full and happy by the end of that day we just don’t know what to tell you. This is one of our favorite packages and meal options for a reason: we’ve had it! And it’s delicious! Don’t get us wrong, our other caterers are absolutely phenomenal (they really are amazingly talented and you can’t go wrong with any of them!), but we are kind-of partial to the Lakeside package. Maybe it’s because it’s just comfortable, down-home, country cooking. Or maybe because it’s just the meal you would imagine bringing with you on a summer’s afternoon picnic out with your sweetheart down by the lake. And we like that.

Now…where’s the closest BBQ to here that serves cinnamon sugar apples…..

Vintage Wedding Package Pricing

Have you checked out our catering options lately? No? Well, we’ve been dying to tell you all about our wedding packages and give you the details on all our favorite offerings from some of our favorite caterers! Plus, you’ll get all the details on what actually comes in each package.

Keep in mind that the packages we have today are always subject to change as we hand-select even more options for you. :)

Here is the basic idea. Imagine a gorgeous venue. One where you get to use any area of the venue that you’d like. With no hidden fees to use the spaces of our venue. It’s already decorated with adorable hand-painted signs, saving you time on decor. You’ll get two getting-ready suites. A fully functioning catering kitchen. Tables, chairs and linens for up to 200 guests. We’ve already constructed a hand-made cedar arch and set out the 22 antique church pews for your guests to relax on during the ceremony. The canoe is already floating in the lake, ready for your photo-op, or we can set it up to hold presents and/or other display items.

You’ll even get our basic floral collection included in every package. Overview: flowers for the bride, groom, 6 attendants, 2 sets of parents, 2 sets of grandparents, and even a toss bouquet! And if the options in the basic floral collection aren’t what you always dreamed of, we are happy to customize it! After all, we do have an award-winning florist right here on staff.


And now to the good stuff! Food. There are 4 package types. We’ll summarize them for you. :) All packages include food service and sweet tea, unsweetened tea, lemonade, and water.

Boathouse – You’re going to start off with breaded chicken breast and add on your choice of delicious sauces. There are also some amazing salad options with this caterer (can you say spinach salad with pecans, pears, gorgonzola and pecan balsamic vinaigrette?). Your choice from a long list sides, and rolls all around. This caterer also offers some fun extras (for an additional charge) like a pie bar, cupcake bar, s’mores bar (perfect for our fireplace down by the lake!), popcorn & boiled peanuts bar, and biscuit bar.

Lakeside – This is your country casual dining option. Think barbecue, potato salad, baked beans (and if you don’t like the sides, there are more options). And you’ll get warm baked cinnamon & sugar apples with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream. Pass the apples, please.

Willow Tree – With this package you start off with a choice of grilled chicken or flat iron steak (for an additional charge). You’ll get your choice of 2 sides (salads are a side here). It includes rolls and a fresh fruit display. And one other note is that this package does not include lemonade.

Red Canoe – Stay with me here. You start off with 3 different options and lots of add-ons. You’ll get your choice of a grilled buffet, southern buffet or heavy hors d’ oeuvres. This caterer includes a lot of extras like a to-go plate for the bride and groom (trust us, you’ll need it!). And they also offer a lot of fun extras (for an additional charge) like a biscuit bar, s’mores bar (perfect for our fireplace down by the lake!), chocolate fountain, candy buffet and licensed bartending. Also worth noting, this caterer offers canned soft drinks as part of the package.

We hope this quick summary has helped you narrow down your favorite package options. And if they just aren’t suiting your fancy, you can always reserve the venue only, and customize your own wedding experience. The last thing worth noting is that if you do select one of our packages, you’ll pay for the venue, flowers and caterer separately, even though they’re all part of one package. :)

Wedding Day Survival Kit

We’re about to officially open for wedding season (our first vintage wedding of the year will be just a few short weeks from now)! If you’re in your final stages of wedding planning, you’ll want to pay attention to this post. And if you’re in the early stages of wedding planning, this is a great thing for you to take care of right now so you can rest easy knowing you’re going to be taken care of on wedding day.

You’re going to want a wedding day survival kit. That’s right. A survival kit. And the earlier you get it ready, the better you’ll feel throughout your entire wedding planning process. Every element of your wedding day is a glorious opportunity for something amazing to happen. Unfortunately, they’re equally an opportunity for something to go awry. And we definitely don’t want that happening to you! So, do yourself a favor and find these things and put them in your kit right now (or at least add it to your “to do”s for the weekend. ;)).


Photography by Graceology

This is one of the best lists of supplies we’ve seen so far. If you were going to any other venue, we’d say to take the time (and money) to pack two sets of this list (sans the bride’s fingernail polish and tampons) so that your guys can be prepared, too. Thankfully, our suites are close enough that sharing is not a problem at all. And believe us, the guys will be asking for supplies on wedding day; they almost always do.

Wedding Day Survival Kit
chalk (to cover stains/spills on your dress)
sewing kit
extra stockings
bobby pins
thread that matches dresses and tuxes
hairspray (for hair and to stop bleeding)
hem tape
lint brush(es)
safety pins
small scissors
straight pins
static-cling spray
super glue (broken heels happen all the time)
earring backs or extra earrings
baby powder
eye drops
clear nail polish
contact solution
nail polish in bride’s color
acid relief
nail file or emery board
tampons & pads
straws (to not smudge your lipstick)
headache medicine
baby wipes
dental floss
anti-wrinkle spray
small, portable mirror
water bottles
mouth wash
cell phone
watch (maybe send it over to the guy’s suite? ;))
cell phone charger
vendor’s phone numbers (on paper)

Special tips:
Don’t skimp on the umbrella, even if there is 0% chance of rain. You might even need it to keep cool from the sun.
Handkerchiefs aren’t necessary but an added benefit. Plus, they turn into sentimental mementos of the day.

Engagements and Weddings

Did you get engaged this past weekend for Valentine’s Day? Congratulations! You’re definitely not alone! You’re in great company with 5,999,998 other people who got engaged last week, including Lady Gaga. Do you plan on making a nod to your Valentine’s Day engagement during your wedding? Or what about your non-Valentine’s Day engagement? We’ve seen couples do all kinds of creative things to acknowledge the first step in their marriage: engagement.

Incorporating memories from your engagement (or your relationship) is a great way to personalize your wedding. It can give you fun ideas to theme an element of your big day, and make it so much more meaningful than finding an idea on pinterest to copy (though we love that, too!!). It will be something that only you and your spouse share together (because no one else said “yes” at the exact same time and place as you!), and you can let all your closest friends and family in on the fun! They’ll love hearing the story of how he popped the question, and including a momento or special element from your engagement will help your guests feel like they’re part of your story. And they’ll probably love that.

We’ve seen tons of great ideas of ways to incorporate engagements (and relationships) into weddings.

You could provide your guests with a momento as a favor. Did you get engaged at a special place? What about providing favors to your guests with a matchbook or glass from there? Did you get engaged on Valentine’s Day? Conversation hearts might be a cute way to relive the memories.

Maybe you could provide your guests with an experience similar to the one you shared the day you got engaged (e.g. did you get engaged at the park and play Frisbee golf before the picnic dinner where he proposed? You could set up a mini Frisbee golf course on wedding day or even a picnic themed dessert bar with some of the treats you shared on your picnic.)


Photography by James Paul Photography
You could wear a token of your engagement. Did he propose after a fun night of bowling out on the town? You could kick off those ceremony heels or flats and dance the night away in some bowling shoes!

You could take guests there with a flavor reminiscent of your engagement. Did you have Italian fare the evening of your engagement? How about adding tiramisu to the dessert bar?

You could incorporate flowers from your engagement. We’ve seen brides use dried rose petals to dust the aisle from flowers they received when they got engaged.

There are tons of ways to celebrate your engagement long after the day has passed. Thankfully, Spring Lake provides the perfect canvas for you to completely customize your wedding day!

Rustic Wedding Venue Spotlight

We’ve been featured in websites, blogs and even magazines since our opening a few years ago. But some things come as a surprise. I got this on my driveway this weekend and was surprised to see Spring Lake featured on the front cover. Thanks Joe Keith Photography for submitting your photo of our lovely rustic wedding venue to Chapel Hill News and Views.

Barn Wedding Venue Georgia

Every bride is important to us. It doesn’t matter if you found us on The Knot, a photographer’s website or even a local magazine in your driveway. We’re still thankful and blessed to take care of you on your wedding day.

Special Announcement coming soon!

Hey y’all! We have a special announcement on the way specifically for brides looking for a vintage wedding! We’ve listened to past couples and have made a HUUUGE addition to our venue that’s going to make your weddings even more gorgeous and even help you keep some money in your pocket! We’re so excited to announce it, but it’s still under wraps for a few more days. 😀 So exciting!

Award-winning vintage wedding florist

Did you know that when you pick up your phone and give Spring Lake a call, you’re going to chat with an award-winning, super-friendly, and crazy talented florist? Yes, that’s right! Renty (the lady in charge of Spring Lake’s vintage weddings) was an award-winning florist before she dreamed up the vision for Spring Lake. Now, not only does she make amazing happen on vintage wedding days, but she also spends hours before wedding days creating gorgeous flower arrangements.

georgia vintage wedding

This incredible bouquet was designed by Renty! Isn’t it gorgeous!

2014-06-22 17.13.12


I know, I know. It sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t. Want to hear the best part, every one of our affordable vintage wedding packages includes flowers! I know! It’s almost unbelievable. But it’s true. Promise.

Georgia Vintage wedding

If you’re looking for the perfect place in Georgia for a vintage wedding, we’ve got just the place for you. If you’re looking for a wedding venue with authentic vintage church pews, we know where to find them. And if you’re wanting a place surrounded with nothing but natural beauty, we’ve got the perfect place in mind. And if you dream of a wedding venue where you can wear cowboy (or cowgirl) boots and a lacy wedding dress…well, you know. Our wedding venue is a refreshing sip of Southern sweet tea when it comes to Georgia vintage weddings. Yep, that’s right. We’ve got Southern charm and vintage flair hiding in all the right places around our wedding venue. We’re going to highlight a few of the vintage elements that we just love in today’s blog post. But remember, these are just the highlights!

Let’s talk about the outside of our Georgia vintage wedding venue. We’ve got the cutest little red canoe that you ever did see floating on our spring-fed lake. There’s a cute rusty bicycle leaning against a tree, just like you probably left in the front yard ten or maybe 15 years ago. We have hand-made signs to show your guests the way through our venue. We love our red screened-in gazebo on the lake. It’s decorated with the perfect vintage fishing decor that you’d want to see right by the lake, and it’s complete with not one, but two swings and extra seating. There’s even a dock for photos and a squeaky (okay…it’s not that squeaky, it just looks squeaky) screen door. It has it’s own little entry area complete with an American flag (we love our veterans!). And last, but certainly not least, we’ve got the old man of a truck. He’s old, creaky, and definitely rusty, but he’s been good to us, so we’re good to him. Wedding photographers looove using him for fun photos on wedding day.

Photography by Graceology

And now, for the inside of the venue. If you walk up the front steps of the rustic wedding barn, you’ll be graced with some of the most attractive landscaping you’ve seen in Georgia. We’ve deliberately chosen natural (but well-taken care-of) plantings in our landscape areas to greet you on your way into the reception barn. And speaking of deliberately, our reception barn was carefully designed to meet all your needs on wedding day. We didn’t convert a rickety old barn into a wedding venue, we just made a new one to look vintage. We built this beauty from scratch to meet every wedding need you have. From getting ready in separate suites decorated in vintage and rustic decor items, to a kitchen made for a caterer, all the way down to taking advantage of the summer breezes with the perfect vintage-looking barn-door openings, we have created this place for you. We’ve adorned the high tin ceilings with awesome chandeliers, boats, and sparkling grapevines. And on the ground level, there are vintage light fixtures, vintage accent furniture pieces, and our vintage-inspired sofa. Have you seen it in the photos? Yep. That’s here for you to use, too!

Gah! We know you’re so excited to have your Georgia vintage wedding at Spring Lake, you want to get married right now!! Unfortunately we’re almost booked for the entire year, but you do need to give us a call right now to reserve your 2016 wedding date with us. 770.377.6962

Spring at Spring Lake

Hello cold January! If you’ve seen our calendar, you probably know by now that we don’t book weddings in the winter months. That’s for 2 reasons. 1) So you don’t have to get married in the freezing cold. 2) So we don’t have to watch you get married in the freezing cold. And okay, one more. 3) Because we LOVE spring, summer, and fall weddings so much, who needs winter ones!!!

Speaking of spring, it’s only a couple of months away! I know, I know, it’s hard to believe that in just two short months, you’ll be working on your summertime tan and the swim suit sections will be filled to the brim with diet-and-workout-inducing fashions. And if you’re getting married in spring or summer, you’ll probably be thinking about shrinking into that stunning wedding dress of yours.

But we love spring for more than swimsuits and diets; we love spring for all the gorgeous wedding excitement it brings! Did you know that brunch-time weddings are a hit these days? And they’re perfect for spring! Believe it or not, Spring Lake is the perfect place for a spring brunch-time wedding. We’ve got warm spring breezes. And soft grassy fields. And the Weeping Willows awake with the most gorgeous apple-green color you’ve ever seen. And we’ve even got the gorgeous woodland backdrop if that’s your thing, too.

Photography by James Paul Photography


We’ve had both vibrant “Hello Spring!!” weddings full of hot pink and bright purple, and soft pastel whispers of “Spring is in the air” with soft pink dresses and grey suits. Both play out beautifully here. Spring Lake is such a versatile venue! That’s one of the reasons we love it!

If you’re having a spring wedding, you get to be first in line for the year before all your friends start throwing their summer soirees. Your guests will welcome the sunshine beaming down on their face, and the drive through the country this time of year is so full of life and promise. And you’ll probably be guaranteed to have a not-hot wedding (unless maybe you get married in mid-late May–it’s such a wildcard!). That means you can pick any type of dress you want (even tea length!) and the guys won’t be taking off their suit jackets every time you turn around (a problem during summer photos, for sure!). And there’s always a chance for spring-time showers. Bummer? No way! It’s just an opportunity to wear adorable rain boots and carry that polkadotted umbrella you love during photos. :) Plus, we’ve totally got the ceremony covered if there’s rain. No really. Literally: in our reception barn.

And one of our favorite parts about spring is the extra wildlife. You probably wouldn’t have guessed that one, right? It’s the time of year when the bees are busy buzzing through the fields, and the birds are dancing through the sky.

So, while we’re all sunggled away in the blissfully cold days of winter, we’re sending warm thoughts of beautiful spring-time weddings your way!